Samba Band from Scratch

Would you like a tutor to come to your group and teach them to play together as a Samba Band?

SambaDoc Workshop

To support people to learn to play Samba in a fun way
To enable the group to play the separate parts to create the feel and sound of a Samba band.
To learn Samba pieces that work well with a new group.
To create a comfortable learning environment in which participants gain confidence in self expression.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Introduction to rhythms and playing together.
  • Group learning of the different parts.
  • Individual learning and the confidence to hold rhythms.
  • Exploration of samba structure, breaks and intro’s.

Instrumental sessions designed to be accessible to those without previous musical skills or training.

Support is provided to help each individual to gain confidence in a learning and expressive environment.

Target Audience:
Young People, Youth Leaders, Community Workers, Older People,
People of all ability groups. Time Out Days, Team Building, Away Days.
Mental Health Support Networks, Special Schools, Learning Disability Services, Voluntary Organisations, Community Music Groups, Corporate Team Building Events.

Number of Students:   6 – 30

Resources:   A  range of accessible instruments is provided

It is also possible to commission a series of 2 hour workshops towards creating a new samba band, in your school, youth club or community.

These workshops are designed to be inclusive of people of all abilities.

Adults, youth and children


 Samba Drumming for Schools and Groups – 2 Hour Workshop

Creative Percussion for Schools and Groups – 2 Hour Workshop. Designed to be accessible to people of all abilities, and mixed ability groups



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