Creative Percussion for Schools and Groups

Performance – Hand Made Orchestra – Wyeside Arts Centre

To get young people active in a drumming and creative percussion session.
To enable individuals to learn rhythms, learn to play together and to have fun playing as a group.
To create a safe exploratory environment in which participants gain confidence in creativity and self expression.

‘drumming dude’ drawing by participant

hythm games – an introduction to playing together.
A chance to take the first steps in simple improvisation and composition.
Designed to be accessible to those without previous musical skills or training.
Support to help each individual express themselves in sound and rhythm and try out their ideas within the group.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Individually and in groups rhythms learnt, and also created and developed with support from the tutor
  • Focus. communication, interaction and leadership
  • Individual and group creative ideas development.
  • Expression. Joy of group music playing

Target Audience:
Younger children.  Young people within the Autistic Spectrum. People of all ability groups. Mixed ability groups Suitable for people with learning and or physical disabilities.

Conduction Card – Hand Made Orchestra Project

Number of Students: 6 – 15

Course Time: This is open to an arrangement that will suit the group

Resources: A wide range of accessible instruments is provided.

The tutors are experienced in working with people with physical and/or learning disabilities.

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Some Projects

SoundArt ‘Sound of Myself’ project with Celf 0 Gwmpas
Plots and Shows Songwriting Project, Ysgol Penmaes
Schools Workshop – Hand Made Orchestra Project 

Samba Drumming Workshop for Carers in Pontypridd, S. Wales
‘Stress Busting through Music’


“Its fun and de-stresses you”

“It was so much fun, its something I loved and would deffo do again in a heart beat 🙂♥”

“Great Thank You !!! :)”

“ very enjoyable :)”

“fun and helps with stress”

“thought it was really enjoyed”


“I thought it was good at the beginning, but it got better and better” Pupil at a Percussion Workshop – ASD unit, Llandrindod High School Feb 2011