Samba Drumming for Schools and Groups

A workshop designed for the group to play drums,  have fun and gain confidence in their playing ability. ContactW


To enable the group to  enjoy drumming, learn rhythms and play together.

To create a safe exploratory environment in which participants gain confidence playing as a group.


Rhythms and playing as a group.

Exploration of breaks and intro’s.

Learning to play the separate parts. Playing one rhythm against another.

Putting the parts together to play whole Samba pieces.

Drumming sessions designed to be accessible to those without previous musical skills or training.

Learning Outcomes:

Supported learning, individually and in a group – rhythms, group interaction.

Raising levels of ability, confidence and self esteem.

Communication skills and group awareness. Leadership. Focus.

Target Audience: Children

Young People, Youth Leaders, Community Workers, Voluntary Organisations.

Mental Health Support Networks, Team Building,

Special Schools, Learning Disability Services,

“I thought it was good at the beginning, but it got better and better” Pupil at a Percussion Workshop – Llandrindod High School

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