Taiko Drumming

Taiko Drumming is invigorating, challenging and FUN! Contact us to arrange a workshop and see our calendar page for forthcoming events.

Taiko is an ancient form of Japanese drumming, rapidly growing in popularity as an energising participatory musical experience for all ages and abilities.IMG_3624

Taiko drums are large – often made from hollowed out tree trunks or barrels – and are played using sticks. The drums were used for ceremonies and festivals.

Here in the UK Taiko drumming is becoming well known as an exciting musical form. In South Wales there is now a unique and pioneering new project to take Taiko drumming into local communities – and you can be part of it!

So what is it?

  •  It’s something different.
  • Taiko has many benefits including physical/skill development/group participation/but most of all, it is FUN!
  • It’s suitable for all ages and abilities and no previous musical experience is necessary.
  • It’s a chance to find out about a different cultural tradition.
  • A unique opportunity to work with experienced community Taiko players.
  • 2 practitioners means flexibility with options for small or larger groups.
  • Ursula Frank and Heather Murray both have considerable community arts experience, good communication skills, different teaching styles plus loads of energy and commitment. We are fully CRB checked.

Ideas and projects –  these are some of the things we could do:

  • Initial introduction demonstrations and taster sessions.
  • Short or longer term projects.
  • Develop community group / groups.
  • Work towards dramatic performance at local event.



Contact us for more details or have a look at our calendar

Introduction to Taiko Drumming


Taiko Mynydd Du facebook page

See also the Taiko Wales website.

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